Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Magic Jack Plans to Sell New MagicJack Plus

Magic Jack Plans to Sell New MagicJack Plus

MagicJack Plus was actually fairly recently unveiled over at the new consumer electronics trade show. The fresh new model of the gizmo shall be available for purchase within just three months as per corporate officials.

As you might be aware of, Magic Jack has been hugely well received in the market, due principally to the vast numbers of buyers that have acquired the item trying to find fresh approaches to lower their expenses. Continuing high lack of employment in addition to ever rising living costs absolutely are actually very important reasons contributing for the gadget's results, yet the genuine cause for MagicJack's being successful is this: the product operates as well as advertised, earning a number of editorial product or service of the yr prizes since the product first was made available almost 5 years ago.

And so what is going on with the soon-to-be-released brand-new version? MagicJack covers by far the most frequent complaints provided by potential buyers seriously considering buying one.

Making use of the current series of the gizmo you will need the device plugged into your computer. If you want to make or in order to be able to receive incoming calls the computer or laptop is required to be powered up. As well as ones laptop or computer will have to continually be wired to the Net.

The newest MagicJack Plus does not need your computer. Consumers have the ability to connect the device right to a network switch, precisely the same approach utilised by the companys major challengers.

Also, there are preliminary statements which suggest you'll be able to employ your new product with any cellphone. If this is in fact right, this would likely result in lower cellphone charges for lots of people. Oh yea, and if you're curious it's supposed to sell for approximately fifty dollars when it becomes available to be purchased.

If perhaps you really might be still interested in or just taking into consideration obtaining a New MagicJack at the time the device is on the market, then be sure to be up-to-date by visiting the magicjack plus reviews.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Is MagicJack a gimmick?

Is MagicJack a gimmick?

Just about all people have looked at all of the advertisements for Magic Jack, the device you can connect straight into your personal computer for making calls over the Internet cheaply or absolutely free. This situation seems fantastic. The fact is, this item almost sounds just too perfect to be true. Is there some sort of hook? Or perhaps is MagicJack a scam?

By considering some of the old commercials regarding Magic Jack the very first impression many people perhaps got is this gadget is just another T.V. gadget or perhaps a gimmick of some sort.

Maybe adding to this view, the website could be even better designed. As you are browsing it, the very first thing you will discover is a short video clip displaying the inventor with his child plus their dogs, known as Magic and... Jack. Currently the web page warns there are fewer than 10000 free trial offers available today, as a counter towards the top of the website counts the number of visitors at the page.

Upon doing some research however it seems that Magic Jack really does do the job. At about $40 you will get the MagicJack along with your first year of phone service which includes unlimited local and also long distance telephone service. Subsequent years at renewal are less than 20 dollars annually. There you have it. Terminate your phone company as the company's ads proclaim!

You'll be able to try MagicJack absolutely free with their thirty day free trial (online only). Additionally you end up getting at no cost call waiting, caller identification, voice-mail and also phone directory look-up. Various Magic Jack reviews mistakenly report that there are actually additional service fees following the free trial offer. This is quite simply false..

Main point here, no MagicJack isn't a swindle.

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Magic Jack

Welcome to my blogger blog about Magic Jack, the deep discount voip phone service.

I'll be using this blog to publicize my rants, raves and reviews about the magic jack phone service. Hopefully you'll find it entertaining and informative. I'll do my best.

If you're not familiar with Magic Jack, where have you been? Seriously. With all the commercials this company has ran? At any rate, if you have somehow missed out on it, I have the inside scoop just for you. Read on.

Magic Jack is a USB dongle (I love that word. Really. I think it might be a maturity thing. But whatever.) that you plug into an open USB port on your computer. You plug a phone line into the other end. That's it. Make phone calls. Really.

The added bonus is that it works. But don't take my word for it. Read some of the magic jack reviews available online, or ask someone you know that uses the product.

The first time you plug the device into your computer, the installation program runs. Magic Jack installs itself in under 10 minutes and it works with both Windows and Mac computers.

Cheap. Twenty bucks a year for unlimited local and long distance calling. Beat that. I've personally been using Magic Jack as my ONLY phone service (yes, not even a cell phone) for almost three years now. That's a lot of money saved.

By eliminating my cell phone and home phone bills, I estimate that I've saved approximately $3600 so far. That's a lot of money to a struggling college student, an elderly or disabled person on a fixed income, or the working poor.

So yeah the money saved is kind of a big deal.

Cool. Yeah cool. I love gadgets. Most people my age love gadgets. That's not to say that plenty of older people aren't into gadgets too. But I primarily socialize with younger people so that's what I know about best. And magic Jack is a cool gadget.

Anyway, I have class soon, so... that wraps up the first post! I appreciate you reading and hope that you will read future posts as well. Adios.